The Share Shed: Resourcing our Communities, Caring for the Earth

As we head into 2018, we reflect on the on-going developments of the Share Shed – the library of things set up in Totnes (Devon, UK) by the Network of Wellbeing last year. We have many joyful stories of how sharing can really support community, learn new skills and connect more with themselves and others. We are excited to share a few stories and our next steps!

Tips to Tackle January Blues and Improve Your Wellbeing in 2018

January: The beginning of a new year can offer us an opportunity for a fresh start, new perspective and renewed resolve to make things better. However, as we head further into this month some of us can begin to falter on our New Years Resolutions and generally feel a bit low. Below we share some tips on ways to make yourself and others happy, which will hopefully help to keep your motivation high throughout January (and the rest of 2018 too)!

What Are Your Wellbeing Priorities for 2018?

The start of a new year is an exciting opportunity to reflect on the year that has just passed and make fresh plans for the future. Over the last year at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we’ve really built momentum in our network and we feel excited about continuing to build wellbeing together in 2018! In this post we share some 2017 wellbeing highlights, and we invite you to share your views on how we can best help improve wider wellbeing in 2018 and beyond.

Five Reasons to Take Time Off to Relax Over the Festive Season

Relaxation is a very basic need of almost every living creature. Not only does it keep us from getting ill, but it has the potential to rejuvenate us. Some simple well-intentioned time off can fix, or at least ease, many stresses and problems. This is especially important to remember during the often-stressful holiday season.

Perhaps you’ve been too busy with your job or your family commitments, or you simply find it difficult to relax and let go of daily pressures. So here are five reminders of why you should take your remaining vacation days and find ways you to unwind before the end of the year.