One of the main aims of our work is to co-create and promote activities that demonstrate the value of strong communities of place. Through these activities we seek to improve community cohesion and enable people to improve their wellbeing. We have initially started our community work in Totnes, in Devon, United Kingdom, but we are also expanding work to other communities. 

Wellbeing work in Totnes

Through our work in Totnes, we aim to be open and responsive in our engagement with the community, and this approach has led to a range of projects and activities. All of our projects have the intention of helping support the local community to put wellbeing into practice. 

Our main projects in Totnes are:

• Community Potlucks: monthly community meals, which help to support sharing and connection. 
• Totnes Wellbeing Fund: a seed fund, supporting small changes which make a big difference.
 Events: In addition to the regular Community Potlucks, we have run a variety of workshops, public talks and open meetings. 

Through this local work we have connected with many wonderful local organisations and kind-hearted volunteers who have all contributed to our community work in valuable ways. We are extremely grateful for all the support we’ve received. 

NOW's other community wellbeing work

Our intention is to develop our work in Totnes so that it can be used to inspire and support other communities throughout the UK, and potentially around the world. In addition to this, we aim to engage with, and pro-actively support, other communities outside of Totnes to help improve wellbeing in other places. 

This wider community work currently involves:

• Building partnerships: We are working in partnership with Friends of the Earth to run wellbeing workshops in communities across the country. In addition to this, we are building uo our work with other communities, offering support to wellbeing-related projects. If this could be of interest in the community you are based in, please get in touch
• Developing resources: We have begun to develop resources, based on our experience in Totnes, which can help others to run similar wellbeing-boosting activities in their own communities. 

Please explore the Community Wellbeing section of our site for further details on our wider community work, our Community Potlucks and the Totnes Wellbeing Fund