Community Wellbeing

As well as our community wellbeing projects in Totnes, we hope to support and help to improve wellbeing in many other communities. We are seeking to do this through: 

Our partnership with Friends of the Earth

What are the important things that would need to happen to improve wellbeing in your community now and in the future? Friends of the Earth is inviting people to engage with this question in a their participatory project on wellbeing, in partnership with NOW.

The aim of the project is to run workshops around the UK, bringing a broad range of local people together to agree what needs to happen to improve their wellbeing and then to act to achieve it – be it protecting green space, or finding ways to provide more ways for communities to connect with each other. Find out more here

Developing resources

From the projects we have run in Totnes, we are developing resources which can help others to run similar wellbeing-boosting activities in their own communities. These resources so far include: 

 Community Potluck Guidelines: Providing all of the information and inspiration needed to run this community event. 
• Totnes Wellbeing Fund Videos: We have filmed videos about our Totnes Wellbeing Fund, to show how the Fund is run and what types of projects we support.

Building other community partnerships

We are beginning to work directly with other communities outside of Totnes, offering support to wellbeing-related projects. We are currently developing details of the support that is available. If you are interested in working with NOW on a community wellbeing project, please get in touch