How Can We Create a Happier World for Ourselves and Others?

How can we create a happier world for ourselves and others? Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we co-hosted a talk from wellbeing pioneer Nic Marks on this topic in Exeter earlier this month. Nic shared his wealth of experience exploring this question, from his early work on the Happy Planet Index and the Five Ways to Wellbeing, to his more recent engagement with happiness in the workplace.

Museum of Happiness: A Happier, Kinder and More Playful World

Our friends at the Museum of Happiness have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help them to create a happier, kinder and more playful world.

They aim to raise £25,000 in order to open the world’s first dedicated Museum of Happiness in Camden, London. They’re offering amazing rewards for supporters – so through supporting them you will help a fantastic project and you’ll receive a brilliant new gift or experience too!

They have already passed the £15,000 mark, but they need your help to reach their goal!

Building Wellbeing Together Weekend: Amazing Speakers and Stunning Venue!

How can we build wellbeing together; in our own lives, in wider society and in harmony with the natural world? The Network of Wellbeing and Hawkwood College are exploring this question at the Building Wellbeing Together Weekend from 22nd - 24th September 2017, together with many amazing speakers, and we'd like you to join us too!

Happiness And Wellbeing Can Be The Purpose Of The Economy

If we want to change the world, it is important to have a positive vision for where we would like to go. The same is true of creating change in our economic systems and structures. Yes, it is vitally important to fight against injustice and highlight the problems being faced. Yet it is also important to allow space for hope, optimism and positive alternatives. Imagine what the world could look like if economy wasn’t placed above – but instead in service of – the wellbeing of people and planet.