Share Shed Totnes Launch!

We’re happy to announce that the Share Shed Totnes (in Devon, UK), will be opening its doors on Saturday 8th April! Come to join local MP Sarah Wollaston, Totnes Deputy Mayor Rosie Adam, wonderful poet Matt Harvey and the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) team at this exciting occastion! We will be welcoming all those who come by, and you will be welcome to sign up to become members and start to borrow many wonderful and useful items.

Celebrating International Day of Happiness

The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 20th March as International Day of Happiness (IDH) in order to recognize, “the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world”. To celebrate IDoH this year, we'd like to help to inspire you to create more happiness in your life and the lives of others! This blog post shares a summary of all activities.

‘Write Yourself Happy’ for International Day of Happiness

Germany has a Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing, and it is run by the inspiring Gina Schöler. Gina previously blogged for us about the Ministry’s work and how it all got started. In this latest guest post she shares a brilliant new initiative running for International Day of Happiness 2017, called Write Yourself Happy.

The Importance of Neighbourhoods for Our Wellbeing

Is the neighbourhood still important in today’s individualistic and globalized society? Or has the residential neighbourhood lost its significance as source of social capital? In this guest post, Marloes Hoogerbrugge, from the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO), shares some of the latest research on this topic.