New Year, New Philosophy

Guest post by Satish Kumar, Editor-in-Chief at Resurgence & Ecologist and is also a Network of Wellbeing (NOW) Trustee

We must go beyond self-interest and embrace the idea of mutual interest. We are all related. We are all connected. We are made of each other. The whole of existence is made of the same seven elements: earth, air, fire, water, space, time and consciousness.

Sharing a Passion for Wellbeing

In this inspiring post Juliana Essen shares why she is passionate about wellbeing and why this passion has inspired her to become a Wellbeing Ambassador.

“Why are you passionate about wellbeing?” That question stumped me for a moment. I just am. How can I not be, when I know... [click the link below to Read More].

Recent News framed through the Five Ways to Wellbeing

As 2013 drew to a close we were offered lots of interesting news from the world of wellbeing. In this post Jesús Martin shares some highlights from recent news pieces, framed in terms of Five Ways to Wellbeing (which are: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give).The Five Ways model was originally developed by the New Economics Foundation (nef), and the Network of Wellbeing has adopted this model as an initial guiding tool in our work. Although the Five ways to Wellbeing are of course contextual and at times overlapping, I hope this framing will help readers to identify the relevance of recent news within a broader wellbeing framework.

Community Potlucks in Totnes Continue Going Strong

Following the success of previous events, NOW is hosting its third Community Potluck on Friday 7th February at the Totnes Methodist Church Hall, in Devon, UK. A Community Potluck is a family-friendly event based around having a meal where everyone brings a dish to share. It helps the local community to come together, to connect with each other and have fun.

Heart, Head and Hands: Experiences from the SEN Summit

A small group of us from the Network of Wellbeing were recently privileged to attend an inspiring intergenerational leadership summit near Utrecht in the Netherlands, over a period of 3 days from 10th -12th December 2013. The Summit was organised by SEN - the Synergized Earth Network - a new global organisation of dedicated change-makers that aims to harness the capacity, wisdom and energy of intergenerational experience, capability and creativity towards the creation of a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.