New website design launched!

We are pleased to welcome you to the brand new website of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW). We decided to re-design our site to make the design cleaner and the layout more user-friendly. We hope you will enjoy the results! To introduce you to the new site this post will provide a short run-down of all of the new sections and features. If you have any questions or feedback about the site please feel free to contact us. And please note that since the site is newly launched there may be some broken links or things that appear where they shouldn't - we hope this doesn't happen, but if you have to spot something out of place please contact us so we can get it fixed ASAP. Many thanks for your support!

Wellbeing and the New Economy: Workshop Review

Recently I helped to organise a workshop on Wellbeing and the New Economy, run by Inez Aponte of the Well and Good Project. It was hosted at a wonderful community venue in Rotterdam called the Leeszaal (which is ‘Reading Room’ in English). This workshop offered an opportunity to look closely at the concepts of happiness and wellbeing, and it challenged participants to explore how people’s wellbeing needs are served (or not, as the case may be) by our current economic structures.

Monthly Update: World of Wellbeing News

This month in our world of wellbeing news round-up you can check out links to articles on the wellbeing and nature, wellbeing in the workplace, and education on wellbeing. As many readers will know, the significance of wellbeing is increasingly being recognised in as a vitally important area of our lives. Here at the Network of Wellbeing one of our wonderful volunteers, Jésus Martin, is working on collating a summary each month of wellbeing news links that may interest you. You can find a summary of the most recent news from over the last month below.

Celebrating Diversity: Proud2Be and Totnes Pride

In the lead-up to Totnes Pride the event's organisers from Proud2Be share why they think acceptance and celebration of diversity are key to wellbeing. With thanks to Mat and Jon for this thoughtful post.

"We are the founders of Proud2Be Project, a social enterprise set up to encourage all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people to be proud of who they are. We are identical twin brothers and we are both proud gay men. We grew up in a rural village knowing that not only were we different from the majority but our difference to many was an unacceptable part of ourselves..."

Horton Community Farm: A Wellbeing Hero

We all know our own Wellbeing Hero; that person or project that makes a huge difference to people's health and happiness levels, helping people to have a positive impact and feel good about themselves in the process. Here at the Network of Wellbeing we wanted to find a way to celebrate these Wellbeing Heroes; those doing amazing work in different communities across the world. So, we've invited our Wellbeing Ambassadors to write about Wellbeing Heroes in their own communities, sharing what makes this person or project so special. One of our Wellbeing Ambassadors, Anna Schmidt, has gone a step further; she's not only written something but also made an inspiring video about her Wellbeing Hero: Horton Community Farm. Read more and check out her video in this excellent post.