Exeter Health and Wellbeing Network is Launched!

Last month, on 13th June, several members of the NOW team participated in the launch of Exeter University’s Health and Wellbeing Network. When we first heard about this network we thought it’s name is so close to ours that we were intrigued to find out more… and so we were delighted to have the chance to attend their launch and do just that!

At the launch, Bob Duggan gave a highly informative and inspiring key note on the need for a shift towards empowering preventative approaches to health. In many ways these are essentially the very same approaches which we know support wellbeing – for example these are summarized in the New Economics Foundation 5 ways to wellbeing (Connect… Be Active… Keep Learning… Take Notice… and Give…). A previous version of Bob’s talk is available online here, so we recommend checking it out to find out more.

The Network of Wellbeing’s International Reach: Interview with Eco Rede Social in Brazil

This post is an interview with NOW's International Community Coordinator, Florence Scialom, originally published via Brazilian blog site Eco Rede Social. The post introduces the aims of NOW's work, and explains how we are increasing our international reach in order to engage with a wider audience on the theme of wellbeing. You can find the original post, in Portuguese, here. With thanks to Izabella Ceccato and Tabata Villares for giving permission for us to re-publish this post on the NOW blog!

Connected Communities are Healthier: Neighbourhood Health Watch arrives in Totnes

Neighbourhood Health Watch (NHW) is an innovative project which brings people from a community together to look after each other and create a safer environment. The initiative came from a Devon-based GP who could see that communities already do a lot to help each other, but that it would be even better to connect people further and to share these ideas.

The NHW project is about helping communities support each other's health needs by connecting statutory, charitable and local business organisations, in order to support communities at street-level, whilst also promoting links and trust between neighbours and communities to help them to make use of resources already available to them.

Wellbeing and the Importance of Connection

Here one of our Wellbeing Ambassadors, Denise Curi, shares some ideas on what wellbeing means to her. Denise is also currently Senior Volunteer at the wonderful Schumacher College.

"When I think about wellbeing many things come to my mind. One of the first and most powerful is connection. Both words – wellbeing and connection – are, at least from my point of view, immersed in the meaning of sustainability. I can’t think about sustainability without referring to wellbeing, and when I think about wellbeing I immediately relate it to connectedness."

Maximising Wellbeing in Totnes

On Friday 21st June more than 50 people attended two events hosted by the Network of Wellbeing and the Civil Society Forum. Out of this came 9 proposed categories that mapped the territory for possible action on wellbeing in Totnes, including many questions, ideas for solutions, specific practical suggestions and factual information relevant to local and global wellbeing.