Second NOW Community Potluck Appreciated by Local Community

NOW flyers together with wonderful table display, kindly made by NOW volunteer Mariela[/caption] In late November 2013 NOW hosted its second Community Potluck in Totnes (Devon, UK). After the success of our first Community Potluck in October we have decided to host this type of event regularly.

The Power of Gratitude

Do you appreciate what you have? Counting your blessings has been proven to be one of the most profoundly powerful ways to boost wellbeing, says one of our new Wellbeing Ambassadors, Cheryl Rickman.

World of Wellbeing: Monthly News Update

Each month our Wellbeing Ambassador and Research Intern, Jesús Martin, provides an update on some of the recent and interesting news stories and articles from the world of wellbeing. This month he frames the news shared in terms of Five Ways to Wellbeing (Connect… Be Active… Take Notice… Keep Learning… Give), and includes summaries of stories based on diverse yet interrelated topics including wellbeing measurements, connection to nature and more.