Interview with a Wellbeing Ambassador

The passion many people have for wellbeing is something we are trying to support through our Wellbeing Ambassadors project. You can find out more about the Wellbeing Ambassadors project in this interview between our International Community Coordinator, Florence Scialom, and one of our first Wellbeing Ambassadors, Anna Schmidt.

Monthly Update: World of Wellbeing News

This month in our world of wellbeing news round-up you can check out links to articles on wellbeing measurement, mindfulness, and the impact of key issues such as migration, education and environment on wellbeing levels. As some regular readers of our blog may know, here at the Network of Wellbeing our wonderful Research Intern, Jésus Martin, is working on collating a summary each month of wellbeing news links that may interest you. The significance of wellbeing is increasingly being recognised in as a vitally important area of our lives, and so we like to help share some of the latest news in this area.

Join us at the Festival of Wellbeing!

‘How can we move away from an obsession with economic growth towards a growth in wellbeing?’ This is the pressing question to be explored at the upcoming Resurgence & Ecologist Festival of Wellbeing. The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) is an official sponsor of the Festival, which will provide a platform for us to share our national and international work. This wonderful event is being held on Saturday 12th October at the Bishopsgate Institute, London, UK, from 10am to 6pm. Please come along and join us there!

Gardening for Health

In this post read how Gardening for Health helps enable people to improve their wellbeing, and how support from the Network of Wellbeing has helped this project to continue its wonderful work. By Ed Vidler, Catherine Munro, and Jenny Gellatly