Linking Sustainability and Wellbeing: NOW Presentation at Plymouth University Event

On Monday, 29th April 2013, some of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) team participated in Plymouth University’s Institute for Sustainability Solutions Research (ISSR) Annual Conference, this year titled ‘Responding to the Challenges of Living with Environmental Change’. The conference covered the challenges related to climate, ecosystem, society, health and psychology, infrastructure and resources.

World of Wellbeing News April 2013

Wellbeing is increasingly in the news. More and more, the significance of wellbeing is being recognised in its many different facets. We list below a number of links to wellbeing news that may interest you.

Around the World of Wellbeing in Eighteen Web Links

Spanish postgraduate student and NOW volunteer, Jesus Martin offers a brief survey of recent wellbeing policy initiatives in different countries. He explains, "in this post, I “travel” around the world to briefly survey some governance initiatives (top-down approaches) to Wellbeing policy in different countries, as well as highlighting various pieces of recent news where one can observe that the Wellbeing Agenda is becoming more and more visible in the mass media."

The first international day of Happiness and the importance of Wellbeing

Wednesday 20th March 2013 was a historic day for global wellbeing, because the United Nations declared it the first ever International Day of Happiness.

This signifies recognition of the relevance of happiness and wellbeing as universal goals in people's lives around the world, and acknowledgement of the importance of these goals in public policy objectives.

In April last year the UN held a High-level Meeting titled 'Happiness and Well-Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm' at the initiative of Bhutan, which has prioritised national happiness over national income since the early 1970s and famously adopted the goal of Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product (GDP).

Gross Domestic Problem Book Launch

In early February NOW hosted a launch for an excellent new book entitled Gross Domestic Problem: The Politics Behind the World’s Most Powerful Number. The author of this book, Lorenzo Fioramonti, came to Totnes Book Shop to speak about the key themes of his book; namely the political background of Gross Domestic Product as a measurement of economic growth, the weaknesses of using GDP as a measure and the grassroots alternatives now beginning to take root.