Mindfulness Made Social: Humming in Harmony

In this post Florence Scialom and Oliver Ayyildiz of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) interview Sergio Lopez Figueroa, founder of Big Bang Lab, about how his perspective on wellbeing informs his work on a project called Humming in Harmony (HiH). HiH brings people together for collective creative experiences centred around the simple yet beautiful act of humming together. As a composer and social entrepreneur, Sergio created HiH as a sound based mindfulness group practice, incorporating active listening and improvising vocal harmonies using humming.

Let’s Get Creative on How to Deal with Climate Change

Climate change is a huge challenge which has the potential to impact every area of our lives and our societies. Yet it is also a huge opportunity; to change our societies for the better, to focus more on the things that genuinely bring us happiness, to get creative in solutions to the challenges we face. It was in this spirit that the Creative Factory has been running at Place to B in Paris during the COP21 climate change negotiations. The approach used at the Creative Factory can offer helpful ideas and tools to those seeking to tackle climate change and build a better world.

Artists Collaborate to Highlight Climate Change

Derbyshire based environmentally friendly art and craft network EcoCreate are the team behind the 'Fairytales, Myths & Legends' exhibition scheduled for January 2016. The exhibition is inspired by the concept that climate change is not the fairytale, myth or legend many would like to believe, and wishes to inspire others to improve their sustainability. This is a guest blog post from EcoCreate, contributed as part of the Network of Wellbeing ‘Sharing Our World’ series.

Sharing Our World: Plans for Buy Nothing Day and COP21 Climate Negotiations

Here at the Network of Wellbeing we plan to run a series of activities on the theme of ‘Sharing Our World’ – timed to coincide with both Buy Nothing Day / Black Friday and the upcoming COP21 climate change negotiations. We hope that this series will spark reflection and debate on the links between consumerism, wellbeing and the environment, and help to encourage wider participation in wellbeing-related activities. This post shares more information and ways you can get involved!

Creative Wellbeing: Enhancing Personal and Social Wellbeing

Guest post from Rebecca Mellor from Creative Wellbeing, an organisation supporting people’s wellbeing through engaging their creativity. Rebecca believes that a better world is possible, and between us we have all the assets we need to create it.