Stop GDP to Change the World

This post is part of our Sharing Our World series, in which we are encouraging exploration of the links between wellbeing, consumerism and environmentalism. This series is timed to coincide with two significant current events; Buy Nothing Day and the COP21 international climate change negotiations.

Sharing our World: NOW’s Activities to Mark Buy Nothing Day and COP21

It’s nearly a year since hysteria broke out in British shops as people stampeded, shoved each other and even fought to get hold of bargains on Black Friday – the sale that Americans traditionally hold on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and which our retailers have enthusiastically embraced. Despite the chaos in 2014, UK stores seem intent on ramping up the fervour yet again this year, notwithstanding attempts in both the US and UK to claim this day as Buy Nothing Day and to take a stand against excessive consumerism.

NEF Calls for New Measures of Progress Beyond GDP

Focusing only on Gross domestic product (GDP) as a sign of societal progress does not reflect the priorities of the British people, says a new report from the London-based think-and-do tank, the New Economics Foundation (NEF). In the new report, released today, NEF says that rather than GDP, the public is more concerned about wellbeing, the quality of jobs, environmental protection, fairness and health. Good economic and social policy should make these the priorities, the report concludes. Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are happy to be one of the organisations which endorsed this NEF report.

SHARE - A Library of Things

A new Somerset enterprise is connecting their community by sharing things and skills. In this guest blog post, the team from SHARE – A Library of Things explain how the project got started. The NOW team are currently considering the potential of setting up a similar project in Totnes. If you are based in Totnes and this could be of interest to you, please check out the survey link included in this post to share your views.

Wellbeing in Action at the Festival of Wellbeing

Organised by flagship green magazine Resurgence & Ecologist - the fourth Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing returns to London’s Bishopsgate Institute on Saturday 10th October, calling for a shift in focus from economic growth to growth in wellbeing. A follow up workshop on Sunday 11th October entitled, ‘How to turn Inspiration into Action’, will explore how the learning from the first day of the Festival can best be put into practice. We are delighted that Resurgence & Ecologist has invited our team here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) to lead on organising this follow-up workshop, which will be held at Friends of the Earth in Clapham and facilitated by Transition Network trainer, Sophy Banks.