Wellbeing and Sustainability in a University Context

This is a guest post by Dr. Lynne Wyness, who is the Senior Research Administrator at the Centre for Sustainable Futures at Plymouth University. In this post, Dr. Wyness provides insight into some of the wellbeing projects that are happening at Plymouth University. She also reflects upon how universities can offer a valuable context within which it’s possible to make a major contribution to placing wellbeing at the heart of modern society. With an extended community of 30,000 students and around 3,000 staff, Plymouth University is in a powerful position to promote and improve the wellbeing of its entire community, now and into the future.

Museums Exhibit Interest in Wellbeing and Sustainability

The Happy Museum Project looks at how the UK museum sector can respond to the challenges presented by the need for a more sustainable future. Recently NOW interviewed Hilary Jennings from The Happy Museum Project to find out more about their work, and how they use happiness and wellbeing to shape their project’s strategy.

An Interview with a Happiness Researcher

In this post Florence Scialom of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) interviews Gaël Brulé, who is a happiness researcher at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and part of the happiness think-tank, la Fabrique Spinoza. They discuss happiness at work, wellbeing indicators, links between education and happiness, and more.