Education and Wellbeing Series, in Partnership with #Teacher5adayslowchat

Education is vital for wellbeing; it is not simply about preparing for a job, but a preparation for life. Plus, as we all know, learning can be a life-long adventure that does not stop once you leave school. NOW is planning to run a short series of blogs in late August and early September, which will explore the connections between wellbeing and education. As part of this series, we will also be partnering with #teacher5adayslowchat – an active online discussion about teacher wellbeing.

Creating Living Streets for Wellbeing

With the number of pupils walking to school in decline, children are missing out on the range of social, physical and practical benefits that walking brings to their wellbeing. In this guest post Living Streets shares what we can all do to get more people walking.

Liverpool Arts Scene Raises Awareness on Mental Health and Wellbeing

One of our new Online Communications volunteers, Steph Rooney, visited the Group Therapy Exhibition in Liverpool recently. She found it to be an inspiring example of the Liverpool arts scene reaching out to raise issues around mental health and wellbeing, and she’s shared her experiences in this short review.

Children’s Wellbeing: Review of Recent Nef and Children’s Society Report

The New Economics Foundation (nef) and the Children’s Society have looked at what makes children well – using NEF’s Five Ways to Wellbeing framework. They surveyed 1500 children aged 10-15 to ask them how much time they spent on various activities and about their wellbeing. They backed the survey up with eleven focus groups of over ninety 8-15 year olds.

Top 12 Wellbeing Resources of 2014

At the beginning of 2014, NOW launched a free online Wellbeing Database, which offers the opportunity to access and share resources about wellbeing, to enable learning and collaboration. The Wellbeing Database continues to grow, and now includes links to a rich and wide variety of videos, reports, research, guides and toolkits. As we start a new year, it can be valuable to reflect upon what we’ve learned from the year just passed, so we have decided to curate some of the most interesting and helpful resources released in 2014, as featured in our Wellbeing Database.