Community Potluck Crowdfunder

The Totnes Community Potluck was inspired by conversations between the Network of Wellbeing and members of the local community in Totnes. People felt the community needed a friendly and accessible place to socialise on Friday evenings, where they could meet friends and connect with others, particularly if they had young children or couldn’t afford to go to restaurants.

Grow. Cook. Make. Mend: Changing Lives at Trill Farm

This guest post by Kevin Marshall explores how an inspiring project in Axminster, Devon is developing self-belief, practical skills and wellbeing amongst a cohort of volunteers in recovery from substance misuse. Alongside volunteering for the Network of Wellbeing, Kevin works as a coordinator in Drug and Alcohol Services.

Growing, Sharing and Caring for World Environment Day

The environment is central to our wellbeing in so many ways; from the health benefits of connecting with nature, to the natural resources that sustain our lives. Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW), we have decided to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th to help acknowledge nature’s importance to us. In this post we share some details about our plans for World Environment Day and ways you can get involved. If you have plans for World Environment Day that you’d like to share, then please get in touch!

Coming Together to Explore Wellbeing

In this post, new Wellbeing Ambassador Lauren Lovatt shares how she has been working to support exploration and engagement with wellbeing in her community, based in the heart of Gloucestershire.

Eating Better to Increase Wellbeing

A healthier and more sustainable diet can improve our own health, whilst also contributing to the general wellbeing of our communities and of the natural world. In 2015, Eating Better is encouraging everyone to take the Eating Better Challenge and enjoy tasty, affordable and healthy meals by incorporating more plant-based foods and less meat into everyday eating.