Permaculture: A Route to Taking Care of Ourselves and the Planet

This post, written by Phil Moore of Permaculture People, explains how taking care of ourselves can find common cause with taking care of the planet. Phil explains permaculture as; "an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living. A thinking tool for designing low carbon, productive landscapes, enterprises, and communities that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Permaculture is very much about maintaining a healthy balance - both in the wider biosphere and inside our selves, the inner biome".

8 Top Tips for Christmas Wellbeing

With less than a month until Christmas Day, there is excitement in the air for many, but now is also right about the time that stress levels start to rise…whether it be over hosting a family get together or having to spend your life savings on a stocking full of presents. But it is important to take a step back and remember how much joy holiday periods can bring. This article provides some helpful and practical tips on how to restore the balance and focus on personal, community and environmental wellbeing over the Festive season. And how to spread a little happiness in the process!

Food & Wellbeing: Feeding the World whilst Caring for the Earth

World Food Day is celebrated annually in over 150 countries across the world. This year it focused on the theme “Family farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth”. This is an important theme, as it is clearly vital to acknowledge all those families that feed the world and care for the Earth. This post summarises some of the best resources in our Wellbeing Database connected to food and wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Database was launched earlier this year and offers an opportunity to access and share resources about wellbeing, to enable learning and collaboration.

Community Potluck Outside for Summer and New NOW Events Page

NOW’s monthly Community Potluck in Totnes (Devon, UK) will this coming month be a summertime Community Potluck Picnic on 3rd August at Follaton Arboretum, enabling those who join to enjoy stunning Dartmoor views whilst sharing a meal with neighbours and friends. In this post you can read more about the Community Picnic, and also find out more about our newly improved website Events page, where the Community Picnic is one of the first events listed.

Working Towards a Fair, Green and Healthy Future Through Eating Better

What we eat certainly affects our own health and wellbeing, and it also has a knock on effect on our wider communities and environment too. This understanding underlies the ethos of one of our partners, Eating Better, whose work focuses on moving towards a fair, green and healthy future. This is a guest post in which Eating Better Coordinator Sue Dibb shares an inspiring summary of the organisations achievements and plans for the future.