A Purpose-Full Life: The Mission for Meaning

Guest post by Michelle Preston, Simply Happy

I remember interviews, in my early twenties being asked the dreaded question, “so, what do you want to be in five years time?” and I would always reply, “I just want to be happy” – this was decades before the birth of positive psychology, and my answer was met with blank expressions and needless to say no job offer on that particular day!

Five Reasons to Take Time Off to Relax Over the Festive Season

Relaxation is a very basic need of almost every living creature. Not only does it keep us from getting ill, but it has the potential to rejuvenate us. Some simple well-intentioned time off can fix, or at least ease, many stresses and problems. This is especially important to remember during the often-stressful holiday season.

Perhaps you’ve been too busy with your job or your family commitments, or you simply find it difficult to relax and let go of daily pressures. So here are five reminders of why you should take your remaining vacation days and find ways you to unwind before the end of the year.

Music for Wellbeing

Guest post by Judit Soler-Almendros and Kim Roberts, Music for Wellbeing

Music for wellbeing was born out of our experiences as music therapists. In summer 2016 we qualified as music therapists and had seen how being involved in musical experiences could affect mood, communication and bring people together. We were keen to start a project that made this more accessible to the general public, rather than just people involved in music therapy. Since then we have offered workshops in the community and care homes and are developing work with students and businesses around the Bristol area.

Wellbeing Through Creativity

Guest post by Rebecca Mellor, Creative Wellbeing

Our creativity, as a means of connecting with ourselves, others and the world around us, is vital to building a wellbeing based society. Without it, we are destined to plough through the existing paradigm as it grows ever more obsolete and unresponsive to our needs. By embedding creativity and the value of creativity into our everyday lives and into the way our infrastructure works for us, we don’t just embrace an intrinsic human quality, we allow ourselves the opportunity to develop appropriate solutions to the myriad issues facing society today.