‘Write Yourself Happy’ for International Day of Happiness

Germany has a Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing, and it is run by the inspiring Gina Schöler. Gina previously blogged for us about the Ministry’s work and how it all got started. In this latest guest post she shares a brilliant new initiative running for International Day of Happiness 2017, called Write Yourself Happy.

The Importance of Neighbourhoods for Our Wellbeing

Is the neighbourhood still important in today’s individualistic and globalized society? Or has the residential neighbourhood lost its significance as source of social capital? In this guest post, Marloes Hoogerbrugge, from the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO), shares some of the latest research on this topic.

Can You Be Well When Others Aren’t?

Guest post by Duncan Fraser, Project Director of Useful and Kind Unlimited

I believe that I can only be truly well when my brothers and sisters, be they neighbours or on the other side of the world, are well too. It is about celebrating diversity and difference. Giving and not counting the cost. Not fighting for what we believe is right, but loving and willing it into being.

Happy Acts: Help to Make the World a Happier Place

Guest post by Live Happy

Live Happy is thrilled to announce our fourth annual #HappyActs campaign! During the entire month of March, in honor of the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, we will be sharing #HappyActs—small, simple actions you can perform to spread kindness, fun and joy in your community.

Tea With Strangers: Breaking Down Barriers Through Conversation

We're more "connected" than ever before, but we're also more alone. Loneliness and a sense of isolation are just two by-products of living in an age where we’re more likely to be staring at our phones than smiling at each other on the street, or listening to music than talking to people on the bus. Tea With Strangers (TWS) is a community initiative that seeks to make cities feel like neighbourhoods by breaking down barriers between strangers and bringing people together to share stories, ideas and perspectives. This guest blog post shares more about TWS's work in London.