Grow Your Own Happiness: The Gardener’s Way

Guest post by Alan Heeks, in which he explores the principles underlying his next book: Natural Happiness: The Gardener’s Way.

Many of us draw on nature to nourish our wellbeing. This blog will introduce you to the Gardener’s Way: a set of approaches that show the parallels between cultivating your own wellbeing, and tending an organic garden.

How Do Gardens Influence Well-being? A Call for Gardeners and Non-Gardeners Alike!

Guest blog post by Lauriane Suyin Chalmin-Pui, Royal Horticultural Society PhD Student in the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield.

Plant cover in UK front gardens has decreased by as much as 15% in the past 10 years. Yet for many, the front garden is the most accessible and the most accessed form of nature available to them, and we need more rigorous ways of valuing this. A research collaboration between the Royal Horticultural Society, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Virginia is investigating how domestic garden landscapes influence the health and well-being of residents and the wider community.