How to make Happy Hour from 9-5

In this post author of international bestseller "Happy Hour Is 9 to 5", Alexander Kjerulf, shares his opinions about happiness in the workplace. He encourages organisations, and particularly those working within Human Resources (HR), to prioritise happiness in the workplace.

Eating Better for a Fair, Green and Healthy Future

Guest post by Sue Dibb, Coordinator, Eating Better

We need to talk about meat. Yet for too long it’s been a sensitive subject for the public, not to mention politicians and much of the food and farming industry. But times are changing.

Gardening for Health

In this post read how Gardening for Health helps enable people to improve their wellbeing, and how support from the Network of Wellbeing has helped this project to continue its wonderful work. By Ed Vidler, Catherine Munro, and Jenny Gellatly

Celebrating Diversity: Proud2Be and Totnes Pride

In the lead-up to Totnes Pride the event's organisers from Proud2Be share why they think acceptance and celebration of diversity are key to wellbeing. With thanks to Mat and Jon for this thoughtful post.

"We are the founders of Proud2Be Project, a social enterprise set up to encourage all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people to be proud of who they are. We are identical twin brothers and we are both proud gay men. We grew up in a rural village knowing that not only were we different from the majority but our difference to many was an unacceptable part of ourselves..."