Working Towards a Fair, Green and Healthy Future Through Eating Better

What we eat certainly affects our own health and wellbeing, and it also has a knock on effect on our wider communities and environment too. This understanding underlies the ethos of one of our partners, Eating Better, whose work focuses on moving towards a fair, green and healthy future. This is a guest post in which Eating Better Coordinator Sue Dibb shares an inspiring summary of the organisations achievements and plans for the future.

Urbanisation and Wellbeing: Can We Make Cities Happier Places to Live?

As part of their thought-provoking 21st Century Challenges discussion series, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) recently ran an event which explored wellbeing and happiness in the urban environment. Entitled “Escape to the City”, this event provided a platform for some leading thinkers and practitioners to share their perspectives on urbanisation and wellbeing. In this guest blog post, the 21st Century Challenges team share some of the outcomes of this interesting event; with thanks to Amy Lothian, 21st Century Challenges Project Coordinator, for giving permission for us to share this content via the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) blog.

Museums Exhibit Interest in Wellbeing and Sustainability

The Happy Museum Project looks at how the UK museum sector can respond to the challenges presented by the need for a more sustainable future. Recently NOW interviewed Hilary Jennings from The Happy Museum Project to find out more about their work, and how they use happiness and wellbeing to shape their project’s strategy.

Mind Over Matter: Can Meditation Really Influence Wellbeing?

This is a guest post kindly contributed by freelance writer, Ella Jameson. In this post, Ella explores how beneficial meditation really is for physical health and wellbeing. Ella states: "Advocates claim that not only does meditation provide a multitude of psychological benefits such as increased focus, creativity, happiness and peace of mind, it can also have an extremely significant effect on your physical well-being. While many of the psychological aspects are no longer disputed there is more debate over the physical benefits." Using a variety of evidence, Ella explores some of the most controversial health-boosting claims that surround meditation.

Economy for the Common Good

In this post Diego Isabel La Moneda, Coordinator of International Strategy at Economy for the Common Good, speaks about the need for a shift in focus: away from striving to increase economic profits and towards increasing the common good and wellbeing of the entire population. Diego will be sharing his ideas further at a talk co-hosted by NOW in Totnes, Devon, UK, on Wednesday 11th June at the Totnes Methodist Church at 7.30pm.