Community Potluck Crowdfunder

The Totnes Community Potluck was inspired by conversations between the Network of Wellbeing and members of the local community in Totnes. People felt the community needed a friendly and accessible place to socialise on Friday evenings, where they could meet friends and connect with others, particularly if they had young children or couldn’t afford to go to restaurants.

Six Tips for Caring for Yourself and Others

When people talk about healthy lifestyles, it often centers around food and exercise, but when it comes to overall wellbeing, these are just part of the picture. In order to be truly healthy, you have to consider all areas of your life that contribute to wellbeing, and that includes your personal life, as well as your connections to your local community and the environment. In other words, health can’t be pinned down to just one area; instead, it has to be holistic. With this in mind, this post shares six tips on how to care for yourself and for others.

Four Tips for Boosting Your Mental Health

This week it is Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) which this year is focused on relationships. Earlier this week we shared a guest post by The Mental Health Foundation on this theme, and here we share a guest contribution sharing tips on boosting your mental health.