Working Towards a Fair, Green and Healthy Future Through Eating Better

What we eat certainly affects our own health and wellbeing, and it also has a knock on effect on our wider communities and environment too. This understanding underlies the ethos of one of our partners, Eating Better, whose work focuses on moving towards a fair, green and healthy future. This is a guest post in which Eating Better Coordinator Sue Dibb shares an inspiring summary of the organisations achievements and plans for the future.

Mind Over Matter: Can Meditation Really Influence Wellbeing?

This is a guest post kindly contributed by freelance writer, Ella Jameson. In this post, Ella explores how beneficial meditation really is for physical health and wellbeing. Ella states: "Advocates claim that not only does meditation provide a multitude of psychological benefits such as increased focus, creativity, happiness and peace of mind, it can also have an extremely significant effect on your physical well-being. While many of the psychological aspects are no longer disputed there is more debate over the physical benefits." Using a variety of evidence, Ella explores some of the most controversial health-boosting claims that surround meditation.

Hands-on Celebration of Recovery Devon

Recovery Devon is a community based project composed of a group of people full of good will, who support mental health recovery and wellbeing across the county of Devon in the United Kingdom. This post shares experiences from Recovery Devon's 10th anniversary celebration.

Gardening for Health

In this post read how Gardening for Health helps enable people to improve their wellbeing, and how support from the Network of Wellbeing has helped this project to continue its wonderful work. By Ed Vidler, Catherine Munro, and Jenny Gellatly

Connected Communities are Healthier: Neighbourhood Health Watch arrives in Totnes

Neighbourhood Health Watch (NHW) is an innovative project which brings people from a community together to look after each other and create a safer environment. The initiative came from a Devon-based GP who could see that communities already do a lot to help each other, but that it would be even better to connect people further and to share these ideas.

The NHW project is about helping communities support each other's health needs by connecting statutory, charitable and local business organisations, in order to support communities at street-level, whilst also promoting links and trust between neighbours and communities to help them to make use of resources already available to them.