New website design launched!

We are pleased to welcome you to the brand new website of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW). We decided to re-design our site to make the design cleaner and the layout more user-friendly. We hope you will enjoy the results! To introduce you to the new site this post will provide a short run-down of all of the new sections and features. If you have any questions or feedback about the site please feel free to contact us. And please note that since the site is newly launched there may be some broken links or things that appear where they shouldn't - we hope this doesn't happen, but if you have to spot something out of place please contact us so we can get it fixed ASAP. Many thanks for your support!

NOW Volunteers Help Promote Wellbeing Globally

“Wellbeing is central to every aspect of our lives” and “in order to take care of nature we also need to take care of ourselves; we need to think deeply about what it means to live sustainably. This is what inspires me about wellbeing”. These were some of the comments that opened the first meeting amongst NOW’s growing group of Wellbeing Ambassadors based across the world.Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we aim to promote the importance of wellbeing locally in Totnes, nationally in the UK, and internationally across different parts of the world.

The Network of Wellbeing’s International Reach: Interview with Eco Rede Social in Brazil

This post is an interview with NOW's International Community Coordinator, Florence Scialom, originally published via Brazilian blog site Eco Rede Social. The post introduces the aims of NOW's work, and explains how we are increasing our international reach in order to engage with a wider audience on the theme of wellbeing. You can find the original post, in Portuguese, here. With thanks to Izabella Ceccato and Tabata Villares for giving permission for us to re-publish this post on the NOW blog!

Maximising Wellbeing in Totnes

On Friday 21st June more than 50 people attended two events hosted by the Network of Wellbeing and the Civil Society Forum. Out of this came 9 proposed categories that mapped the territory for possible action on wellbeing in Totnes, including many questions, ideas for solutions, specific practical suggestions and factual information relevant to local and global wellbeing.

Maximising Wellbeing in Totnes

A workshop on improving individual and community wellbeing in Totnes is taking place on Friday 21st June, from 2 to 5.30pm in Totnes Methodist Church. The event - hosted by NOW and the Civil Society Forum - aims to explore how wellbeing could be strengthened for everyone in the town.