Maximising Wellbeing in Totnes

On Friday 21st June more than 50 people attended two events hosted by the Network of Wellbeing and the Civil Society Forum. Out of this came 9 proposed categories that mapped the territory for possible action on wellbeing in Totnes, including many questions, ideas for solutions, specific practical suggestions and factual information relevant to local and global wellbeing.

Maximising Wellbeing in Totnes

A workshop on improving individual and community wellbeing in Totnes is taking place on Friday 21st June, from 2 to 5.30pm in Totnes Methodist Church. The event - hosted by NOW and the Civil Society Forum - aims to explore how wellbeing could be strengthened for everyone in the town.

The first international day of Happiness and the importance of Wellbeing

Wednesday 20th March 2013 was a historic day for global wellbeing, because the United Nations declared it the first ever International Day of Happiness.

This signifies recognition of the relevance of happiness and wellbeing as universal goals in people's lives around the world, and acknowledgement of the importance of these goals in public policy objectives.

In April last year the UN held a High-level Meeting titled 'Happiness and Well-Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm' at the initiative of Bhutan, which has prioritised national happiness over national income since the early 1970s and famously adopted the goal of Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product (GDP).