Top 10 Stress Busting Tips for Personal Wellbeing

Stress is the feeling of being under pressure. A little bit of pressure can be good for us as it will increase our productivity, help our motivation and improve our performance; however too much or prolonged pressure can lead to stress which is unhealthy for both our mind and our body and can cause symptoms such as: pounding heart or palpitations, dry mouth, aches and pains, sweating, lack of appetite or libido, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping. Therefore, ensuring you keep your stress levels under control can be vital for personal wellbeing. So, check out some top stress busting tips which can help you to do this below!

Proud2Be Embracing and Celebrating Diversity

This is a guest blog post kindly contributed by Mat Price of the Proud2Be Project, which is a social enterprise set up to empower all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning &/or intersex (LGBTQI) people to be proud of who they are. In this post, Mat discusses the inspirations behind Proud2Be and their experiences of hosting the second Rural Pride event in Totnes. Mat also explores the theme of wellbeing, and argues that it is vital we accept and embrace ourselves for who we are, and in turn love others for who they are, in order to have a strong sense of personal wellbeing.

Personal, Community and Environmental Wellbeing News

This post is by our Research Intern Jesús Martin and shares some links to recent and interesting wellbeing news pieces, framed through three important areas of wellbeing: personal, community and environmental.

Mind Over Matter: Can Meditation Really Influence Wellbeing?

This is a guest post kindly contributed by freelance writer, Ella Jameson. In this post, Ella explores how beneficial meditation really is for physical health and wellbeing. Ella states: "Advocates claim that not only does meditation provide a multitude of psychological benefits such as increased focus, creativity, happiness and peace of mind, it can also have an extremely significant effect on your physical well-being. While many of the psychological aspects are no longer disputed there is more debate over the physical benefits." Using a variety of evidence, Ella explores some of the most controversial health-boosting claims that surround meditation.

You and I, I and You: Collaborative Dialogues on Wellbeing

In this post Wellbeing Ambassador Denise Curi shares the process of starting collaborative open dialogues about wellbeing and related topics with groups in São Paulo, Brazil. Denise discusses her inspiration for starting these open dialogues, and explains how the sessions will be built around exploration of the the Five Ways to Wellbeing (Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, and Give).