Personal, Community and Environmental Wellbeing News

This post is by our Research Intern Jesús Martin and shares some links to recent and interesting wellbeing news pieces, framed through three important areas of wellbeing: personal, community and environmental.

Mind Over Matter: Can Meditation Really Influence Wellbeing?

This is a guest post kindly contributed by freelance writer, Ella Jameson. In this post, Ella explores how beneficial meditation really is for physical health and wellbeing. Ella states: "Advocates claim that not only does meditation provide a multitude of psychological benefits such as increased focus, creativity, happiness and peace of mind, it can also have an extremely significant effect on your physical well-being. While many of the psychological aspects are no longer disputed there is more debate over the physical benefits." Using a variety of evidence, Ella explores some of the most controversial health-boosting claims that surround meditation.

You and I, I and You: Collaborative Dialogues on Wellbeing

In this post Wellbeing Ambassador Denise Curi shares the process of starting collaborative open dialogues about wellbeing and related topics with groups in São Paulo, Brazil. Denise discusses her inspiration for starting these open dialogues, and explains how the sessions will be built around exploration of the the Five Ways to Wellbeing (Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, and Give).

Families and Wellbeing

The United Nations (UN) has marked the 15th May “International Day of Families”. Inspired by this celebration of families, this post shares a summary of some recent wellbeing news, framed through one of the ten categories in our Wellbeing Database - “Family & Wellbeing”. Families can take on many shapes and sizes, and are constructed of a diversity of members; young and old, men and women, those living close and those far-away. Often effectively connecting with and understanding our families can prove really valuable for wellbeing levels.

Creating Ripples of Wellbeing

In this post Liz Harper explains what inspired her to become a Wellbeing Ambassador, through sharing her journey towards becoming conscious of her own wellbeing and that of others around her. Liz touches on many important topics, including the balance between inner mindfulness and connecting with others. Overall, this post is about how we can all create a positive ripple effect in the way we live our lives.