Sunday Assembly: Unleashing the Power and Goodness of Communities

The Sunday Assembly was started by Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, two comedians who were on the way to a gig in Bath when they discovered they both wanted to do something that was like church but totally secular and inclusive of all—no matter what they believed.

Intrigued to learn more about how these new communities are contributing to happiness and wellbeing, NOW’s Florence Scialom recently spoke with Sunday Assembly co-Founder and CEO Sanderson Jones.

Taking Action on Climate Change, For the Love Of…

The COP21 climate change negotiations have ended in what some are celebrating as a historic agreement paving the way for the end of the fossil fuel era, while others are still concerned the agreement may not be enough. What is clear following the Paris talks is the importance of people power; everyday people are coming together to create the change they'd like to see in the world. The importance and power of people's actions to support personal, social and environmental wellbeing is something that we have tried to highlight through our Sharing Our World series, and we have been inspired by the people and projects who we have spoken with. In this post we share one brilliant example of community action against climate change. This is the final post in the Sharing Our World series; you can find all other posts in this series here.

Let’s Get Creative on How to Deal with Climate Change

Climate change is a huge challenge which has the potential to impact every area of our lives and our societies. Yet it is also a huge opportunity; to change our societies for the better, to focus more on the things that genuinely bring us happiness, to get creative in solutions to the challenges we face. It was in this spirit that the Creative Factory has been running at Place to B in Paris during the COP21 climate change negotiations. The approach used at the Creative Factory can offer helpful ideas and tools to those seeking to tackle climate change and build a better world.

A Better Future Requires Better Dreams: New Approaches to Climate Change

"The science is saying we must act, the engineers are saying we can act (though sustainable energy use), but how will we act, how will we achieve the changes needed? This is up to all of us..." These were the words of activist and author, Naomi Klein, speaking at Place to B in Paris this week. This is a post by NOW’s Florence Scialom, about her experiences staying at Place to B in Paris during COP21 climate change negotiations.