Climate Action is Good for You

For months if not years, people from all over the world have been planning to gather in Paris at the end of November until mid-December to discuss one of the most important issues of our times - climate change. Following the terrible events in Paris on Friday 13th November the international community have united to confirm that intergovernmental talks will still take place, and actions by civil society will go ahead in locations around the world. While acknowledging this is a challenging time in many ways, NOW still believes there are plenty of reasons for, and many ways to, get involved in important climate actions going on around the world.

Sharing Our World Photo Competition

Here at NOW we are running a series of blog posts, videos and activities on the theme of ‘Sharing Our World’, timed around two internationally significant upcoming events: Buy Nothing Day / Black Friday on Friday 27th November and the COP21 climate negotiations due to run in Paris from 30th November until 11th December. The intention of this series is to generate reflections and discussions on the links between consumerism, wellbeing and the environment, and also to encourage wider participation in wellbeing-related activities. As part of this series we’re also running a photo competition, and we’d love you to get involved!

Sharing our World: NOW’s Activities to Mark Buy Nothing Day and COP21

It’s nearly a year since hysteria broke out in British shops as people stampeded, shoved each other and even fought to get hold of bargains on Black Friday – the sale that Americans traditionally hold on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and which our retailers have enthusiastically embraced. Despite the chaos in 2014, UK stores seem intent on ramping up the fervour yet again this year, notwithstanding attempts in both the US and UK to claim this day as Buy Nothing Day and to take a stand against excessive consumerism.