Common Purpose for Humanity: George Marshall on Tackling Climate Change

Recently NOW’s Florence Scialom and Larch Maxey interviewed environmentalist George Marshall as part of our Sharing Our World series. George has worked at all levels of the environmental movement over the past 25 years. He co-founded Climate Outreach (formerly the Climate Outreach Information Network - COIN) in 2004, and has written extensively on climate change. This interview is based on his latest book, ‘Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change’. We discuss climate change communications, the links between wellbeing and climate change, and ways to reach new audiences.

Climate Action for Wellbeing and the People’s Climate Marches

In this blog post, NOW’s Larch Maxey, Roger Higman and Florence Scialom explore the challenges and opportunities climate change activism presents for our wellbeing. We also share some updates from the NOW team members who attended People’s Climate marches in Totnes, Liverpool, London and Amsterdam on Sunday 29th November. This post forms part of our Sharing Our World series – timed around the COP21 climate change negotiations and Buy Nothing Day.

Sharing Our World: NOW’s Plans for COP21 Climate Change Negotiations

Here at NOW we believe that climate action is good for you, and tackling climate change is vital for our wellbeing. The COP21 climate change negotiations will running in Paris for two weeks, from 30th November until 11th December, with a variety of high profile public events taking place before and after the main negotiations. As part of our Sharing Our World series, NOW plans to engage with COP21 in a variety of ways.

Buy Nothing Day and Sharing Our World

Here at the Network of Wellbeing we are currently running a series of activities on the theme of ‘Sharing Our World’ – timed to coincide with both Buy Nothing Day / Black Friday today and the upcoming COP21 climate change negotiations starting next week. We hope that this series will spark reflection and debate on the links between consumerism, wellbeing and the environment, and help to encourage wider participation in wellbeing-related activities. In this post we share the highlights from the series so far, announce the winners of the Sharing Our World photo competition, and suggests some positive actions you can get involved in if you’ve been inspired by the series.

Interview with Story of Stuff Director, Louis Fox

The Story of Stuff is a well-known film that exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, reveals our economic system as extractive rather than regenerative and calls on us to create together a more sustainable and just world. NOW recently interviewed Louis Fox, the Story of Stuff Director, as part of our Sharing Our World series. In this interview Louis talks about the ideas behind The Story of Stuff and it’s sequel, The Story of Solutions