Connecting for a Good Cause Improves Wellbeing: Experiences from the People’s Climate Marches

In this post Wellbeing Ambassador Anna Schmidt shares her experiences of the People’s Climate March in Berlin. She shares how getting involved helped her to re-connect to her local community and feel engaged in a positive wider movement. Also in this post, we share a few further quotes and photos from other People's Climate marchers around the world - some of the many people who came together to encourage world leaders to act now on climate change.

Personal, Community and Environmental Wellbeing News

This post is by our Research Intern Jesús Martin and shares some links to recent and interesting wellbeing news pieces, framed through three important areas of wellbeing: personal, community and environmental.

Cycling towards Wellbeing: An Interview with a New Wellbeing Ambassador

In this interview new Wellbeing Ambassador Poppy Jackson explains how a summer Cycle Tour greatly improved her wellbeing in many ways. The tour was run by Otesha, an excellent charity which provides training and support to help, “build a community of people who see their lives as powerful tools for environmental and social change.” Poppy discusses how her experiences with Otesha link to wellbeing and the environment, and she also touches on plans for her next adventure; working in sustainability education for primary school children.

Re-Connecting with Wellbeing: Some Useful News and Resources

We are all connected in our society but sometimes we forget this important fact, to the detriment of our wellbeing levels. It is important that we re-connect to help us to have a full and meaningful life. This means (re-)connection not only with our closest friends and family, but with wider society and the environment, too. This post shares some links to interesting wellbeing news pieces, framed through the theme of re-connection.

Links Between Wellbeing and the Environment

Earlier this year the Network of Wellbeing launched a free online Wellbeing Database, which offers an opportunity to access and share resources about wellbeing, to enable learning and collaboration. Ultimately, the intention of the Wellbeing Database is to strengthen individual and community wellbeing in practice. The Wellbeing Database continues to grow, and now includes links to a rich and wide variety of videos, reports, research, guides and toolkits. Therefore, we have decided to curate some suggestions of what we have found to be the best resources in every category of the Wellbeing Database. This post highlights resources specifically based on the category of "Environment and Wellbeing".