Wellbeing and the Importance of Connection

Here one of our Wellbeing Ambassadors, Denise Curi, shares some ideas on what wellbeing means to her. Denise is also currently Senior Volunteer at the wonderful Schumacher College.

"When I think about wellbeing many things come to my mind. One of the first and most powerful is connection. Both words – wellbeing and connection – are, at least from my point of view, immersed in the meaning of sustainability. I can’t think about sustainability without referring to wellbeing, and when I think about wellbeing I immediately relate it to connectedness."

Immersion in Wellbeing: The Vitalising Powers of a Waterfall

By Anna Schmidt, Wellbeing Ambassador
In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to maintain one’s wellbeing. I just finished university, and finding a job proves to be a daunting task. Finding motivation after being rejected again and again can be difficult, and at times, even getting out of bed and starting yet another day of writing applications seems like an insurmountable hurdle. Yet, bathing in a waterfall near Bradford this morning provided me with a source of wellbeing, which washed away all negative thoughts, feelings and expectations. It was a wonderful experience, which I would like to share with you here.

Around the World of Wellbeing in Eighteen Web Links

Spanish postgraduate student and NOW volunteer, Jesus Martin offers a brief survey of recent wellbeing policy initiatives in different countries. He explains, "in this post, I “travel” around the world to briefly survey some governance initiatives (top-down approaches) to Wellbeing policy in different countries, as well as highlighting various pieces of recent news where one can observe that the Wellbeing Agenda is becoming more and more visible in the mass media."