Community and Wellbeing: Think Globally, Act Locally

“Think globally, act locally” – this is a well-used phrase in our age and particularly when it comes to social and environmental campaigns. In many ways, it is this spirit that underpins the Community & Wellbeing category in our Resources Database. “Community” is an ever-expanding term; it can refer to our household, our street, our town or village, our city, our country, or even our global community. No matter which level or definition you consider to be most important, how we connect with the place we are in and with each other still remains vital for the wellbeing of the people and the planet.

Why Giving Thanks Is Life-Giving

To mark thanksgiving we would like to share this wonderful post from one of our Wellbeing Ambassadors, Cheryl Rickman, as it shows the genuine power of gratitude. This post was originally published via LifeLabs and the Huffington Post. Huge thanks to Cheryl for allowing us to re-share it here.

What Works for Your Wellbeing, Our Wellbeing and the Wellbeing of the Planet?

Recently the topic of wellbeing has featured quite prominently in mainstream news, highlighting the growing relevance of the wellbeing agenda in the media, in politics and in wider society. Part of this rise in attention is due to the launch of the “What Works Centre for Wellbeing”, an independent centre set up to focus on research to inform wellbeing policy in the UK. The launch of the Centre received lots of positive attention, being featured by different publications, including The Independent and The Daily Mail. Inspired by the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, this post summarises some recent wellbeing related news pieces through the frame of “What Works for Wellbeing”, considering the different aspects of personal, collective and environmental wellbeing.

Food & Wellbeing: Feeding the World whilst Caring for the Earth

World Food Day is celebrated annually in over 150 countries across the world. This year it focused on the theme “Family farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth”. This is an important theme, as it is clearly vital to acknowledge all those families that feed the world and care for the Earth. This post summarises some of the best resources in our Wellbeing Database connected to food and wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Database was launched earlier this year and offers an opportunity to access and share resources about wellbeing, to enable learning and collaboration.