Positive Psychology and Finding Your Purpose: Michelle Preston Webinar

Are you keen to find more passion, purpose and meaning in your life but not sure where to start? Or do you have a strong sense of purpose but you often find yourself too strained and stretched to fulfil your mission in a positive way? Then you will likely benefit from watching the recording from our webinar with the wonderful Michelle Preston, who is Founder of Simply Happy and Women on Purpose and is also an expert in Applied Positive Psychology.

A Purpose-Full Life: The Mission for Meaning

Guest post by Michelle Preston, Simply Happy

I remember interviews, in my early twenties being asked the dreaded question, “so, what do you want to be in five years time?” and I would always reply, “I just want to be happy” – this was decades before the birth of positive psychology, and my answer was met with blank expressions and needless to say no job offer on that particular day!

Time and Experiences Make You Happier Than Stuff

In today’s arguably hyper-materialist world we are often fed the idea that stuff will make us happy: if only we could get that latest phone, that new TV, that great new pair of shoes, happiness would be ours! Or so the marketing messaging goes. However, an increasing amount of research tells us that this is simply not the case; that, in fact, more free time and positive experiences give us more happiness and wellbeing than new stuff can offer.

Wellbeing as Core School Business - What it is and Why it Matters

Guest post by Sue Roffey, as part of our wellbeing and education series

There seems to be a lack of clarity around what wellbeing in school means and uncertainty about how you ‘do’ it. This article aims to untangle this confusing concept so that educators, parents and policy-makers know what we are talking about, why wellbeing in education is critical for both healthy development and learning, and how to begin to go about it. These are just the headlines! There is a raft of evidence in both educational and psychology literature supporting the value of this approach. Once you begin to put all of the strands together it becomes a no-brainer! I start with what it isn’t …

6 Tips for Improving Wellbeing in the Workplace

Recent news has covered the benefits of working less to improve wellbeing. Research also shows that some work – particularly work that we find meaningful and engaging – is important for our personal wellbeing. However, all too often work can become a place of stress rather than positivity and meaning. In this guest post, consultant David Green shares some top tips for improving positivity and wellbeing in the workplace.