Wellbeing as Core School Business - What it is and Why it Matters

Guest post by Sue Roffey, as part of our wellbeing and education series

There seems to be a lack of clarity around what wellbeing in school means and uncertainty about how you ‘do’ it. This article aims to untangle this confusing concept so that educators, parents and policy-makers know what we are talking about, why wellbeing in education is critical for both healthy development and learning, and how to begin to go about it. These are just the headlines! There is a raft of evidence in both educational and psychology literature supporting the value of this approach. Once you begin to put all of the strands together it becomes a no-brainer! I start with what it isn’t …

6 Tips for Improving Wellbeing in the Workplace

Recent news has covered the benefits of working less to improve wellbeing. Research also shows that some work – particularly work that we find meaningful and engaging – is important for our personal wellbeing. However, all too often work can become a place of stress rather than positivity and meaning. In this guest post, consultant David Green shares some top tips for improving positivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Wellbeing at Work: Enabling All Stakeholders to Thrive

This is the seventh post in a series highlighting the best resources from each of the ten categories in our Wellbeing Database. The series has so far explored wellbeing in relation to the environment, education, food, economy, community and family. This post follows with a summary of the best resources relating to wellbeing at work.

An Interview with a Happiness Researcher

In this post Florence Scialom of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) interviews Gaël Brulé, who is a happiness researcher at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and part of the happiness think-tank, la Fabrique Spinoza. They discuss happiness at work, wellbeing indicators, links between education and happiness, and more.

How to make Happy Hour from 9-5

In this post author of international bestseller "Happy Hour Is 9 to 5", Alexander Kjerulf, shares his opinions about happiness in the workplace. He encourages organisations, and particularly those working within Human Resources (HR), to prioritise happiness in the workplace.