NEF Calls for New Measures of Progress Beyond GDP

Focusing only on Gross domestic product (GDP) as a sign of societal progress does not reflect the priorities of the British people, says a new report from the London-based think-and-do tank, the New Economics Foundation (NEF). In the new report, released today, NEF says that rather than GDP, the public is more concerned about wellbeing, the quality of jobs, environmental protection, fairness and health. Good economic and social policy should make these the priorities, the report concludes. Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are happy to be one of the organisations which endorsed this NEF report.

Review of Leading Wellbeing Research Festival 2015

What does wellbeing mean in the context of the ecological reality we face today? And how might we all help lead the changes needed towards greater wellbeing for people and planet? These were questions explored at the recent Leading Wellbeing Research Festival, attended by some 200 people from all over the world, including some of the Network of Wellbeing team.

World Environment Day: Celebrating the Joys of Nature

In this post NOW’s Director, Roger Higman, reflects on the value of time spent in nature, ahead of a series of guest blog posts and videos we’ll be sharing next week in the lead up to World Environment Day. You can get involved in our celebrations of World Environment Day too, by entering our #EnjoyMoreWithLess Photo Competition, getting involved in some foraging fun, or simply by spending time enjoying nature, as this post from Roger encourages us to do.

Wellbeing Training Day with Friends of the Earth

We can work together to support wellbeing. This was the inspiring message that came out of a Wellbeing Training Day run by Friends of the Earth, with support from some of the NOW team, on 25th April 2015. The day was attended by people representing Friends of the Earth local groups from across the UK. Participants explored the need to think beyond GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in order to truly progress in our societies, and engaged in practical exercises to help them with running wellbeing workshops in their own communities.

Wellbeing: The Way Towards a New Narrative for Northern Ireland

In September last year, BBC Northern Ireland led with the headline ‘Northern Ireland still happiest place in UK says ONS survey’ – as Northern Ireland featured in four out of the five happiest places in the UK. But behind this headline challenges remain – in the last few weeks alone, health concerns, environmental problems and difficulties in implementing welfare reform have emerged in Northern Ireland.