World Environment Day: We Need Nature and Nature Needs Us

June 5th is the annual celebration of World Environment Day, and this year the United Nation's are highlighting the importance of connecting people to nature, through their #WithNature campaign. Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are sharing a short series of content to help highlight this theme, including blogs from The Wildlife Trusts and Natural Happiness. Plus the video below, featuring many well known voices: Satish Kumar, Vandana Shiva, Monty Don and more.

World Environment Day: How to Connect and Learn from Nature

To mark World Environment Day we’re sharing a series of content encouraging people to connect and learn from nature. In this post we share insights from author of Natural Happiness: the Gardener’s Way and Founder of Hazil Hill Wood, Alan Heeks. This includes a helpful practical exercise called ‘the tree test’, which helps people to nourish themselves and deepen their roots.

Sunshine for the Soul: 30 Days Wild Benefits Health and Wellbeing

This is a guest post by The Wildlife Trusts about their annual challenge: 30 Days Wild. This post is also relevant to this year’s World Environment Day on 5th June, which is based on the theme “I’m With Nature”, encouraging people to connect with nature. Watch out on NOW’s blog and social media channels for more content about this theme over the next week or so.

Coming Together to Celebrate World Environment Day

The environment is central to our wellbeing in so many ways; from the health benefits of connecting with nature, to the natural resources that sustain our lives. That is why here at the Network of Wellbeing we decided to mark World Environment Day 2016 in a number of ways. This post shares a little more about our World Environment Day celebrations, and also offers us a chance to say a huge thanks to all those of you who got involved.

Nature is an Inseparable Part of Who We Are

Mac Macartney is an author and speaker on values-based leadership. Over a period of twenty years he was mentored by a group of Native Americans, which has deeply influenced his worldview and informs his work with everyone from corporates to communities. He is the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise located in Devon that seeks to inspire people from all walks of life to contribute their gifts and energy towards a just, peaceful, and sustainable world. Joshua Malkin interviewed Mac about his work and his perspective on wellbeing, leadership and nature. This post is part of a series of blogs and videos we are sharing in the lead up to World Environment Day.