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Building Wellbeing Together Weekend – Early Bird Tickets Now Available!

How can we build wellbeing together; in our own lives and in wider society? We invite you to join us in exploring this and other related questions at a Building Wellbeing Together Weekend from 22nd - 24th September 2017, close to Stroud, in the UK. The Weekend will offer many high profile speakers, interactive activities, opportunities to connect with others and time for deeper reflection. The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) will be running this event together with the beautiful Hawkwood College

Tickets are available from £175 for the whole weekend, or £95 for the Saturday only.

We are offering a £25 early bird discount for a limited number of bookings, so don’t delay – book your place today!

High profile speakers

We’re delighted that happiness and wellbeing researcher Nic Marks, positive psychology expert Chris Johnstone, and Oxfam Senior Researcher Katherine Trebeck will be joining us as key note speakers.

Nic Marks (pictured right) is a leading happiness and wellbeing pioneer, having helped to create the Five Ways To Wellbeing and the Happy Planet Index, and has more recently founded the organisation Happiness Works. (We will also be co-hosting a talk from Nic Marks on 9th May in Exeter – tickets available here).

Chris Johnstone is a positive psychology expert who has authored many books, including Active Hope co-authored with Joanna Macy. He also founded College of Wellbeing, which offers lots of amazing wellbeing-related courses.

Katherine Trebeck is a Senior Researcher at Oxfam where she is exploring an economy that delivers social justice, good lives, vibrant communities and which protects the planet. Katherine also developed Oxfam's Humankind Index, a measure of Scotland's real prosperity developed through wide ranging community consultation.

Interactive workshops

We have also confirmed that the following people and organisations will be participating and offering participatory workshops at the Building Wellbeing Together Weekend:

Getting happiness to stick - Mike Ziedler, Happy City and Larch Maxey, Network of Wellbeing

Mike and Larch will be sharing their experiences about the best ways they've found to help people grow their own community initiatives. This workshop will address the challenges involved in community work and the tendency for good projects to wither and die out once the people who planted the seeds have gone. This session will be interactive and practical, offering participative fun for everyone involved!

Grow your own happiness: The Gardener’s Way - Alan Heeks, Natural Happiness

Explore what you can learn from organic gardening to cultivate your own wellbeing. This workshop will use the Hawkwood College gardens (Hawkwood's grounds are pictured on the right) as a live learning model: for example, see how you can compost your stress, use natural energy sources, and value your wild margins. Alan has evolved this approach by leading groups at two nature-based centres he has founded: Magdalen Farm and Hazel Hill Wood. 

Language Matters - Rebecca Mellor, Creative Wellbeing

How does language impact on the delivery and development of wellbeing providers? How can we use language and words to develop individual wellbeing and community interaction? This session will include a brief introduction to the social enterprise Creative Wellbeing, the language which informs its provision and the ethos behind it. This will include an interactive 'Writing for Wellbeing' section of the workshop, encouraging the sharing of ideas and exploring the potential for diverse responses from set stimuli. 

Practical tools for positive transformation - Michelle Preston, Simply Happy 

A general introduction for those who want to know more about the science of happiness and wellbeing, and who want to know how to apply this science to help them to lead happier lives. This workshop will explore evidence based research, including Martin Seligman’s “PERMA”model, the NEF “Five Ways to Wellbeing” and more.

Plus, we'll also have other brilliant organisations such as the Museum of Happiness and Useful & Kind giving workshops, too. Further details on all of these workshops and much more to follow! We will continue adding additional speakers and sessions to the programme for the event in the lead up to September, and you can stay updated through the Building Wellbeing Together Weekend Facebook event, and book your ticket today to confirm your place at the event!

Open space for collaboration

In addition to the scheduled talks and workshops, we will offer open space sessions during the Weekend, because we want to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to contribute, connect and collaborate throughout this event.

We are keen to offer everyone at the event an opportunity to share their own experiences, creativity and vision, so that we can all actively engage in the (co)creation of a new collective story; one that favours happier people, healthier communities and a sustainable planet, and that is based on wellbeing for all.

The Building Wellbeing Together Weekend is open to all, and will bring together thought leaders and practitioners, performers, artists and teachers from many disciplines. So, if you are passionate about wellbeing then this event is for you!

So, book your ticket and join us in exploring how we can build wellbeing together! And you will take home fresh ideas and inspiration, plus a renewed commitment and a more practical, integrated vision for personal, social and environmental wellbeing.

Book your tickets to get your £25 early bird discount (subject to availability; please book ASAP!). You can also let us know you’re going / interested via the Facebook event page, and this will be a great place for you to hear about the latest event updates. 

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