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Community Potluck Crowdfunder

The Totnes Community Potluck was inspired by conversations between the Network of Wellbeing and members of the local community in Totnes. People felt the community needed a friendly and accessible place to socialise on Friday evenings, where they could meet friends and connect with others, particularly if they had young children or couldn’t afford to go to restaurants.

The Network of Wellbeing’s response was to host a Community Potluck supper in 2013, which proved so popular it has been running as a monthly event ever since, on the third Friday of the month, at either the Civic Hall or Methodist Church Hall in Totnes. 

The Community Potluck is simply a means by which people bring their favourite healthy dish and come together to share a meal and make connections with each other, thereby improving wellbeing, both for themselves and the wider community.

The feedback collected from attendees over the past few years has been really positive, attesting to the benefits people have received by attending. These centre around two key things: 1. meeting and talking to other people and 2. enjoying good food, both of which are known to contribute to health and wellbeing:

“I come to the Community Potlucks because I love to network and it helps me make new contacts.”

“I come to see friends and catch up on news.”

“It’s heart-warming to come and share food with folk.”

“I come to eat a variety of lovely food, to meet people and celebrate Friday.”

“Being part of a Potluck, you just need to bring food and it’s enough. There’s a radical aspect to the Potluck – it’s quite special.”

Can You Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign?

After three years of hosting this event, NOW is launching a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of the Totnes Community Potlucks in 2017 and to help it become a sustainable event. The goal is to raise funds to enable the local community to take on the running of the Totnes Community Potluck, so it fulfils its original ambition of being an event run for the community by the community.

The crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise £2,200 to cover costs which include hiring hall space, a Community Coordinator*, basic provisions and promotional material. 

The campaign will be launched at the next Community Potluck on 21 October and will run for eight weeks, coming to a close at the Christmas Potluck on 16 December.

Now the campaign is live, you can donate at The Network of Wellbeing hopes people will give generously to help sustain the longevity of what has become a popular fixture in the Totnes calendar and a regular boost to community wellbeing.

*NOW is looking to appoint a Community Coordinator to lead the Community Potlucks in 2017. If you are interested please get in touch at

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