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Exploring the Connections Between Education and Wellbeing

Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we recently ran a mini-series exploring the connections between education and wellbeing, in partnership with #teacher5adayslowchat. This post provides a summary of the highlights of this series.

Blog Series

Wellbeing as Core School Business: What it is and why it matters – There can be a lack of clarity around what wellbeing in school means and uncertainty about how you ‘do' it. This blog post, by Dr. Sue Roffey, aims to untangle this concept so that educators, parents and policy-makers know what it is that is being talked about, why wellbeing in education is critical for both healthy development and learning, and how to begin to go about it.

How to Thrive: Teaching Resilience in Schools – How to Thrive are specialists in practical resilience for children and young people. They provide the tools and training teachers need to build student’s resilience for life. They’ve share a video and blog post summarising extensive research on the effect of resilience training in schools.

Learning to Be – In this blog post, Rev. Sam Wernham explores the pressures and joys of continued learning outside of the formal education system, using powerful examples from her work at the Wild Church.

‘Teacher 5 a Day’

Alongside sharing these blog posts, we also joined in an online discussion inspired by the Five Ways to Wellbeing, and taking place on Twitter via the hash tag #teacher5adayslowchat. This a discussion was expertly hosted each day by teachers passionate about bringing wellbeing in to the education system. 

Discussions were really fruitful, covering the importance of teacher’s caring for their own wellbeing and modeling the behavior they hope to see in students. In terms of supporting student wellbeing, people raised how essential it is for children to get outdoors and how creating a sense of belonging at school can be so beneficial.

Overall, the chat offered a warm and welcoming space for teachers and others to share challenges and also offer practical advice and supportive suggestions, often highlighting accessible steps, such as: “smile; acknowledge; say genuine thank you; be constructive; help people grow”.

To stay connected with the ‘Teacher 5 a Day’ community we recommend following @Teacher 5aDay and Martyn Reah on Twitter, and checking out Martyn Reah’s blog.

Further resources on education and wellbeing

Education is vital for wellbeing; it is not simply about preparing for a job, but is a preparation for life. Plus, as we all know, learning can be a life-long adventure that does not stop once you leave school. We’ve been exploring resources linked to education and wellbeing, and have shared some of the best ones we’ve found in our Wellbeing Database – check them out here.

Huge thanks and staying in touch

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all those involved in this series, and in exploring wellbeing and education in their work. It is great to connect with so many passionate and pro-active people! 

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Credits for images used in this post: Image 1 - How to Thrive, image 2 - tweet via Amy Jeetley, image 3 - Sue Roffey. 

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