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Community Wellbeing in Action: Five Reasons to Join Birmingham Tour

Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are very excited to be working with Birmingham's Wellbeing Services to offer a free tour of their ground breaking projects. The tour will take place on 8th March 2018; you can find the full programme here. This post shares five top reasons why you should join us there!

To register, please email with the email subject: Birmingham Tour.

1. Pioneering wellbeing for all

Birmingham City Council has years of experience of testing ways to bring wellbeing to all people in the city. They offer a range of programmes developed and refined over years. Active Parks, for example, gives everyone a free chance to be active outdoors in 50+ parks across Birmingham. People meet neighbours and interact with nature through: Green Fit Baby, Tai Chi, Zumba, Rowing and Cycling, Walking and Jogging, Family fun sessions and Multi-sport as well as less traditional physical activities such as Bushcraft, Conservation, Little People in Parks and Explorers. Crucially, community groups are key delivery partners in Birmingham’s Wellbeing Services and this empowering approach can also be seen in the transitioning of traditional authority-run leisure centres to community-led wellbeing centres. If you join the the tour on 8th March you can experience these programmes in action and speak to those who set them up.

2. See the UK’s largest wellbeing programme in action

As the UK’s largest Local Authority and one of the most proactive advocates of wellbeing initiatives, Birmingham City Council has developed award winning wellbeing programmes. Big Birmingham Bikes (BBB), for example, contributes to the Birmingham Cycle Revolution, placing cycling at the heart of the city’s transport. BBB has not only provided 5,000 bikes to those who would otherwise be without, including those with special needs, it ensures every participant has the confidence and motivation to ride and maintain them as part of their everyday lives - through cycling lessons, led rides and maintenance courses, for example. 

3. Enjoy a crafted, immersive experience!

Having run the tours regularly for several years, Birmingham’s wellbeing team have created a uniquely inspiring and informative tour in which we will experience their pioneering programmes first hand, as well as speaking with those directly involved throughout the day on 8th March.

4. Network and build wellbeing together

NOW is helping to organise the day in-part to provide a fun networking opportunity for those of us passionate about wellbeing. Birmingham’s location makes this an ideal opportunity to unite people from across the UK so we can come together and further explore how we can build wellbeing together.

5. There is such a thing a free lunch!

The whole tour is free to attend and Birmingham City Council will also provide free mini buses between projects. Plus, a free lunch will be provided too, via the innovative Real Junk Food Project in Birmingham.

Learn more

For more information - including the full programme for the day - see our event listing and please share the Facebook event, too.

To register, please email with the email subject: Birmingham Tour.

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