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One Earth, One Humanity, One Future: A Message of Hope

Leading environmentalists, politicians and thinkers gathered at One Earth, One Humanity, One Future Festival in Oxford in late September, to celebrate Resurgence’s 50th Anniversary and to inspire people to take action in order to create a healthier and happier world for all. This blog post shares some event highlights; watch out in our videos library where we’ll be sharing interviews we filmed at the event in the coming weeks.

Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we were proud to be partners of the One Earth, One Humanity, One Future Festival, alongside Oxfam and UPLIFT. The Festival provided a weekend of lively talks, debates and panel discussions. It opened with a video message from HRH The Prince of Wales and featured US rapper Prince Ea, Dame Fiona Reynolds, Lord David Puttnam, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas, US biologist Bruce Lipton, author Michael Morpurgo, and Satish Kumar - the inspirational editor of Resurgence for 43 years, who is also a NOW Trustee (pictured right). The programme also included CEOs from Greenpeace, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, the Soil Association and WWF.

The overriding message from the Festival’s 50-plus international speakers and performers was that there is still hope in the face of the global challenges we currently face. Many shared inspiring and practical ideas for building a sustainable future, and in our video interviews with many of the speakers we explored how a shift in values and a stronger focus on wellbeing are important aspects of the changes we need to encourage.

The outstanding Festival programme blended a stimulating mix of poetry, art and dance, echoing the core themes and messages of Resurgence & Ecologist (Resurgence magazine became Resurgence & Ecologist in 2012). In addition, talks and presentations throughout the weekend highlighted the powerful role of art and poetry in generating wellbeing, and provoking environmental and social change.    

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Greg Neale, Editor-in-Chief of The Resurgence Trust, said: 

“For three days we have been challenged, entertained and informed and are feeling truly uplifted by a wonderful event. I feel deeply privileged to be filling the footsteps of Satish Kumar, who took on the challenge of editing Resurgence at a time when it was in danger of folding, and who has made the magazine internationally known and respected by the many campaigners, activists and writers who continue to support our work.  

“And this is the key message of Resurgence – we remain hopeful and optimistic. Please continue to engage with the magazine’s values and commit to taking whatever action you can to support the wellbeing of our planet and its people.”

Check out interviews from previous Resurgence Festivals in our videos library, and watch out for new footage from the latest Festival coming soon!

For more information about the One Earth, One Humanity, One Future Festival visit:

With thanks to Will Gethin and the Resurgence Trust for sharing material for this post. All images used © Roy Riley 2016.

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