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Share Shop : A library of Things – Coming to Totnes

Here at the Network of Wellbeing, we have been seeding a Share Shop in Totnes. The great news is we now have a venue thanks to Totnes Town Council and a grant to support us thanks to The Big Lottery fund. The council have granted us a space to pilot the Share Shop in The Guild Hall garage on Guild Hall Yard. The Share Shop would enable local people to borrow all sorts of useful things at nominal cost so that they don’t have to buy them for themselves. The aim is to encourage the sharing economy; to help people connect more, spend less, consume less, and waste less. 

Inspiration for the Share Shop 

We have taken our inspiration from Frome Share Shop who you can read more about here on our blog.

We hope that the Share Shop will help build community, allow people to use things they may not be able to afford and help people de-clutter their garages and houses of what they no longer want without things going into landfill. By sharing we use less of the earth’s precious resources in creating more ‘stuff’ and the associated pollution this entails, reducing the impact on the environment.

Items people might borrow range from DIY tools, camping and gardening equipment, a sewing machine, a carpet cleaner, a projector, musical instruments or even fancy dress outfits. Generally things we don’t use every day that take up space in a garage, kitchen cupboard, or spare room that could be easily be borrowed when needed instead. Often items like this are only used for a short time; for example, the average drill is only used for about 13 minutes in its entire life.

Progress with the Share Shop so far...

We have run a community consultation in Totnes, to explore the local community’s interest in a Share Shop and to encourage wider local engagement in shaping this project. People shared visions of a Share Shop spanning from simply having a mobile market stall where people could borrow things, to having a more established social space where people could share things, skills, and social activities. We are hoping that the Share Shop pilot in the garage will be the beginning phase of a larger project of sharing.  

Would you like to get involved? 

In the interim we would love to know: What are the top 3 things you would like to borrow? Do you have useful items you would like to donate? Would you like to volunteer to do some publicity or work in the shop? Are you interested in a part time Shop manager post? 

You can watch a video about the Share Shop with our current steering group here.

If you are interested and would like to be involved in any way, please get in touch. Contact Kate Reed

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