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Why is Wellbeing Important to YOU? Analysing NOW’s Survey Results

Last month, we asked Network of Wellbeing supporters to help tell us what we should be doing in 2018 and beyond. We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who responded and share some of the key points we learned from the results. 

Wellbeing is beyond the individual

Here at NOW, we believe that people's wellbeing depends in part on the health of the communities in which they live and work. This, in turn, depends on the fairness of society as a whole, and the long-term health of the natural world on which we all depend. We see wellbeing as both personal and collective.

It was great to learn that survey respondent’s motivations broadly match with our intentions. When we asked about people’s main interest in wellbeing in NOW’s survey, responses were as follows:

  • I’d like to improve my own wellbeing: 62%
  • I’d like to help improve wellbeing in my community: 65%
  • I’m interested in wellbeing as an alternative to economic growth: 59%
  • Wellbeing is relevant to my job: 65%

Through our work at NOW we hope to reflect these diverse motivations and understandings of wellbeing. Through our projects and our online content we’ll continue to explore ways that you can support your own wellbeing, your community’s wellbeing and wellbeing in wider society and the natural world, too.

A healthy planet is vital for wellbeing

We know that a healthy, diverse and vibrant natural world is essential to human wellbeing - for individuals, communities and society as a whole. Nature’s gifts range from the air we breathe, through to the plants and animals we use for food and materials, to the long-term benefits of a stable climate plus the aesthetic and spiritual inspiration we derive from wild places.

We love to share content highlighting the connection between the natural world and human wellbeing, and to support projects (such as the Share Shed) which help to lower our consumption and therefore our impact on the natural world. Therefore it was great to see that all of the survey respondents indicated an interest in seeing content on sustainable wellbeing and creating a healthy planet.

Beyond this, respondent’s interests are diverse and therefore we’ll continue to share content on a diversity of topics within wellbeing: from happiness, health and creativity, to inspiring community projects and the wellbeing economy.

You are enthusiastic about events – both online and offline

We learned that 72% of respondents are keen to attend networking events with others working on wellbeing. Plus when asked if you’d like to attend online events 92% of you said either yes or maybe. We are listening to this feedback and plan to organise more online and offline events in 2018 and beyond.

Upcoming events include: 

And we're organising further events, too. Keep an eye out on our social media channels – Facebook and Twitter – for further details of events.

Thank you and next steps

As a thank you for filling out the survey we have randomly selected three respondents, each of whom have been contacted and will receive a subscription to Positive News or Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine. We really appreciate every person who filled out the survey and also you for taking the time to read this summary and following NOW's work. 

If you have any further feedback please share feel free to share in the comments, and please stay in touch with further Network of Wellbeing (NOW) updates via Facebook, Twitter and our monthly newsletter

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