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World Environment Day: We Need Nature and Nature Needs Us

June 5th is the annual celebration of World Environment Day, and this year the United Nation's are highlighting the importance of connecting people to nature, through their #WithNature campaign. Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are sharing a short series of content to help highlight this theme, including blogs from The Wildlife Trusts and Natural Happiness. Plus the video below, featuring many well known voices: Satish Kumar, Vandana Shiva, Monty Don and more. 

We need to protect the natural world

The news that President Trump is withdrawing from US from the Paris climate deal has been widely criticized. However, as many have highlighted, Trump can't cancel the momentum behind the Paris climate deal. Other countries, organisations and communities are maintaining their commitment to tackling climate change. 
Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we know that a healthy, diverse and vibrant natural world is essential to human wellbeing - for individuals, communities and society as a whole. Nature’s gifts range from the air we breathe through to the plants and animals we use for food and materials, and all of this relies on a stable climate. Action to tackle the harmful causes of climate change is vital for maintaining human wellbeing over the long term. Furthermore, nature directly improves our health and happiness too.
It is clear that we need nature and nature needs us. Please share the above video far and wide to highlight this important and powerful point. 

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