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Welcome to the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) Resources Database. This section of our website offers an opportunity to access and share resources about wellbeing, to enable learning, collaboration and ultimately to strengthen individual and community wellbeing in practice. We hope you find the database helpful, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Personal Fulfilment through the Science of Happiness

If you look through the zillions of self-help books published every year, you’ll find a lot of people claiming to know the secrets to happiness and a fulfilling life. Clearly, people are interested in happiness psychology. The problem is that too much of this advice comes from one person’s unique experience or worse, his or her mere speculations about what…

The UK Prosperity Index 2016

The UK Prosperity Index assesses how prosperous a place is using a combination of wealth and wellbeing across a number of sub-indices. From the strength of communities to the health of the population, the Index goes beyond traditional measures to give a rich picture of life in the UK.

Personal well-being in the UK: local authority update, 2015 to 2016

A website exploring estimates of personal well-being for UK local authorities from the financial year ending 2012 to financial year ending 2016. Includes interactive features, summaries, and links to further reports.

Social Wellbeing - MOOC

Since the financial crisis, there has been an increased interest in moving away from GDP and wealth as measures of national and individual performance. Instead, more explicit attention is being paid to wellbeing around the world, and how it can be promoted at individual, local, national and international levels.

This free online course will help you engage…

Sharpening our Focus: Guidance on wellbeing frameworks for cities and regions

Cities and regions face particular challenges in developing wellbeing frameworks. Carnegie Associate Pippa Coutts, in partnership with the OECD Regional Development Policy Division, has developed straightforward guidance for cities and regions that want to develop their own wellbeing frameworks to measure progress and prioritise resources.

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey: Attitudes to Social Networks, Civic Participation & Co-production

This report presents findings from the 2015 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey. It explores levels of social capital in Scotland by addressing a number of key questions:

• How connected are people to their local area and to what extent do people belong to social networks?
• Which groups are more likely to feel they belong to…

Towards a Wellbeing Framework and draft Programme for Government

This report explores the potential for the NI Executive to place wellbeing at the heart of its work through the new Programme for Government.

The Carnegie Roundtable on Measuring Wellbeing in Northern Ireland, a partnership between the Carnegie UK Trust and Queens University Belfast, was convened in 2014 to explore how the NI Executive could better understand…

The Happy Planet Index 2016 – Briefing Paper

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) measures what matters: sustainable wellbeing for all. It tells us how well nations are doing at achieving long, happy, sustainable lives.

This briefing paper offers a short overview of the index and of the 2016 results.

You can explore all the data at

Public Dialogue Toolkit

Want to run a public dialogue yourself?

What Works Wellbeing have produced a toolkit to help you scope and deliver a wellbeing public dialogue process.

The toolkit addresses the following questions: What is a public dialogue? What does it involve? What is unique about a wellbeing dialogue? When to use public dialogues and…

Public health in a changing climate

The recent shift of public health departments from primary care trusts to local authorities in England provides scope for more joined-up action to mitigate and adapt to climate change locally. Climate change poses both a threat and an opportunity for public health. This report reviews current local strategies and actions to address climate change by public health departments and their…