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Welcome to the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) Resources Database. This section of our website offers an opportunity to access and share resources about wellbeing, to enable learning, collaboration and ultimately to strengthen individual and community wellbeing in practice. We hope you find the database helpful, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

A Multidisciplinary Framework for Measuring and Improving Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a dynamic multidisciplinary concept for a better future. We can see wellbeing as a balance point between resources and challenges, autonomy and intensity, as well as support and demand. Any system to measure, understand, or increase wellbeing must contain multidisciplinary theories and findings, incorporate co-responsibility and appreciative inquiry, and include feedback loops that allow for accurate measurement of…

Regenerative Capitalism How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape the New Economy

TOWARDS A REGENERATIVE ECONOMY - A report for The Capital Institute by John Fullerton April 2015

It is our view that the exponential growth of compound investment returns demanded by the financial system is in irreconcilable conflict with the finite boundaries of the biosphere. We believe this relentless and narrow pursuit of exponential growth of returns on…

Why happiness is good for your health

Did you know that happier people live longer and are less likely to catch colds? Or that optimists have a 77% lower risk of heart disease than pessimists? Here are all the ways your mood affects your physical health, in one infographic.

Measuring National Well-being: Our Relationships, 2015

Research has shown that the amount and quality of social connections with people around us are vitally important to an individual’s well-being and should be considered when making any assessment of National Well-being.This article focuses on people’s relationships with both family and friends. However, these relationships do not operate in isolation, and relationships within the wider community and the workplace…

Health and wellbeing: a guide to community-centred approaches

Local government and the NHS have important roles in building confident and connected communities as part of efforts to improve health and reduce inequalities.

The project ‘Working with communities: empowerment evidence and learning’ was initiated jointly by PHE and NHS England to draw together and disseminate research and learning on community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing.

Building Wellbeing Assets: A report to strengthen the evidence base for community wellbeing projects

The North West Healthy Living Network has completed a piece of research on how their portfolio of 19 projects has developed people's social and personal wellbeing assets.

The research has created a substantial evidence base demonstrating that wellbeing projects can improve health behaviours. It also points to the importance of building wellbeing assets in order to achieve…

Self-Compassion: Here’s Why Science Says We Need More Of It

Are you too self-critical? Research shows that people who have compassion for themselves are happier, more optimistic, and more grateful. This infographic from Happify shows you how to get there.

The State of Natural Capital: Protecting and Improving Natural Capital for Prosperity and Wellbeing

The third and final State of Natural Capital report from the Natural Capital Committee recommends that the UK Government, working closely with the private sector and NGOs, should develop a comprehensive strategy to protect and improve natural capital.

The report presents a series of potential environmental investments that offer good economic returns such as peatland restoration and…

Why Friends Are So Crucial To Our Happiness

Did you know that doubling your number of friends has the same effect on your well-being as a 50% increase in income?

Research shows that strong social bonds are one of the most important factors to our health and happiness. See how your friendships impact your well-being in this infographic, and get tips for strengthening those relationships…