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It is becoming clear to many analysts, researchers, policy-makers and community activists that endless economic growth is not possible on a planet with finite natural resources. Therefore, in order for the economy to remain meaningful to people we need to look beyond measuring progress only in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and explore ways that our economies can be (re)shaped so that they genuinely meet people’s needs. In this category you will find resources exploring alternative economic models, progress measurements beyond GDP, and general information on the connection between wellbeing and the economy.

The UK Prosperity Index 2016

The UK Prosperity Index assesses how prosperous a place is using a combination of wealth and wellbeing across a number of sub-indices. From the strength of communities to the health of the population, the Index goes beyond traditional measures to give a rich picture of life in the UK.

Towards a Wellbeing Framework and draft Programme for Government

This report explores the potential for the NI Executive to place wellbeing at the heart of its work through the new Programme for Government.

The Carnegie Roundtable on Measuring Wellbeing in Northern Ireland, a partnership between the Carnegie UK Trust and Queens University Belfast, was convened in 2014 to explore how the NI Executive could better understand…

2015 Legatum Prosperity Index

The annual Legatum Prosperity Index™ ranks 142 countries across eight categories: the Economy, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity; Governance; Education; Health; Safety & Security; Personal Freedom; and Social Capital.

A Multidisciplinary Framework for Measuring and Improving Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a dynamic multidisciplinary concept for a better future. We can see wellbeing as a balance point between resources and challenges, autonomy and intensity, as well as support and demand. Any system to measure, understand, or increase wellbeing must contain multidisciplinary theories and findings, incorporate co-responsibility and appreciative inquiry, and include feedback loops that allow for accurate measurement of…

Regenerative Capitalism How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape the New Economy

TOWARDS A REGENERATIVE ECONOMY - A report for The Capital Institute by John Fullerton April 2015

It is our view that the exponential growth of compound investment returns demanded by the financial system is in irreconcilable conflict with the finite boundaries of the biosphere. We believe this relentless and narrow pursuit of exponential growth of returns on…

The State of Natural Capital: Protecting and Improving Natural Capital for Prosperity and Wellbeing

The third and final State of Natural Capital report from the Natural Capital Committee recommends that the UK Government, working closely with the private sector and NGOs, should develop a comprehensive strategy to protect and improve natural capital.

The report presents a series of potential environmental investments that offer good economic returns such as peatland restoration and…

Localization: Essential Steps to an Economics of Happiness

This report summarizes the many negative impacts of globalization, followed by a detailed listing of concrete steps – in both the personal and political domains – that can be taken to shift towards the local. It is an update of our previous report, Shifting Directions: From Global Dependence to Local Interdependence.

End of Year Survey 2014 (WIN/Gallup International)

WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, has published its 38th End of Year Survey exploring the outlook, expectations, views and beliefs of 64,002 people from 65 countries across the globe.

Making personal happiness and wellbeing a goal of public policy

A short animated video exploring how research by CEP (The Centre for Economic Performance at LSE University), directed by Lord Richard Layard, has contributed to establishing happiness as a desirable and measurable goal of public policy in the UK and worldwide.

Well-being of Future Generations Bill: The need for a strong and effective new law

The Sustainable Development Alliance includes 28 Welsh charities, social enterprises and community groups whose work supports people and nature to thrive. We all work on different issues, but we’re speaking with one voice about why we think the Well-being of Future Generations is so important and how it can help futures generation of our families lead healthy, happy and safe…