Now Global

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) aspires to connect and empower people and organisations to enable thriving wellbeing in communities across the world.

NOW is keen to connect with other people, organisations, and projects engaged in wellbeing-related work nationally (in the UK) and internationally. This work helps to inform our local work with our NOW Totnes project, and provides us with a wider network to engage with. Through our global work we aim to open dialogues, share best practices and mutually support those working towards improved wellbeing across the world.

In practical terms, this work involves some of the following projects:

  • Building an international volunteer base, through our Wellbeing Ambassadors project.
  • Beginning to make Global Links with different organisations and projects working on wellbeing and related topics in inspiring ways.
  • Sharing wellbeing newsevents and a wide range of resources via our Wellbeing Database.
  • Engaging with others and promoting wellbeing through social media, via Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimately, our vision is of a world where everyone’s wellbeing needs are met within the planet’s natural resource limits. People’s wellbeing needn’t cost the earth, and so we’re seeking ways to encourage and support engagement with wellbeing at personal, community and planetary levels.

For more information about NOW Global please explore this section of our website, and feel free to contact us.

Credit for above image: Hanumann