NOW Totnes

NOW Totnes is our first local initiative and offers information and practical support to individuals and community groups as well as public and private sector organisations.

As well as initiating our own projects, much of our focus is collaborative. We operate with an enthusiastic team of volunteers without whom we could not have accomplished what we have.

As an inspiration and basis for our work we use the New Economics Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing which are – “Connect… Be Active… Take Notice… Keep Learning… Give…”

To date we have been involved in wellbeing-related projects in a variety of key areas. We have piloted a wellbeing training programme and we are in the process of launching the Totnes Wellbeing Fund, which is an initiative that offers financial support to local projects that support wellbeing.

We partner with local projects and organisations in order to support each other’s work and to promote wellbeing locally. Wherever possible we try not to duplicate what others are doing but where appropriate to support and link existing initiatives and agencies together. By doing so we develop increased reach and efficacy and identify what is missing. Through partnership and collaboration, by providing resources and information and linking initiatives together, we aim to see measurable improvements in wellbeing locally.

There are many ways you can connect with NOW. If you are interested to get involved with our work at NOW Totnes please contact us, give us call via 01803 849107 or call in and see us at:

16 The High Street
South Devon