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Proposal for a law of Mother Earth.

The proposal for a framework Law of Mother Earth is to begin a transition to a new model based on the principle of living in harmony with nature (“Living Well” – in Spanish “Vivir Bien”). The objective is not to go back to the pre-industrial era. A transition to a new model will not take place immediately but the transition does need to begin. We urgently need alternatives to the capitalist development model that destroys the environment and has caused the financial, energy and food crisis, as well as climate change and deep inequalities within and between societies.

This document was drafted by Bolivia’s main social movements in November 2010. The aim of this English translation is to share the proposal and philosophy so others can use the document as they wish in their regional, national and local contexts. The document below is the full version by Bolivia’s social movements. The Bolivian Plurinational Assembly has been due to approve a shorter consensus version of this law since early 2011.

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